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Want to know what to look for when buying a party tent?

1. Material: In general the thicker material the better -especially for the roof as this takes the majority of the weather. Marquee and tent material is measured in grams per square metre (gsm) and generally comes in either thin PE or thick PVC. Here are some examples:

  • 120gsm PE: groundsheets and tarpaulins
  • 180-240gsm PE: cheap party tents (as you would find in garden centres etc)
  • As we get thicker we're now into PVC - a thicker and more durable material than PE
  • 380gsm PVC: used in the walls of DIY Marquees and quality party tents
  • 500gsm PVC: used in the roofs of DIY Marquees and quality party tents
  • 760gsm PVC: used in the roofs of huge (15m wide+) structures

2. Framework: Unlike the exterior material thicker is not necessarily better with framework (otherwise we'd all use steel girders!):

  • 20-30mm diameter steel pipe: too flimsy to be used repeatedly
  • 45-55mm diameter steel pipe: too heavy - it would need twice as many people to lift the frame up compared to:
  • 34-40mm diameter steel pipe: generally regarded as the perfect compromise between durability and ease of use.

3. Design: Look for useful features:

  • individual 2m side panels - this is very useful when creating entrances where required
  • sealed sides - essential in the winter, having the sides sealed using velcro keeps the heat in during the winter
  • ground bars - help stabilise the structure and should always be included
  • end gables attached - if you are using the marquee as a roof only structure then having the end gable triangle attached to the roof (rather than in one piece with the wall) makes for a more attractive marquee/tent.

DIY Marquees offer party tents marquees that have all of the above features as well as optional extras such as linings, lighting and furniture.

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The world of marquees can be a confusing one. You don't have to consider the quality of structure you're buying, you also have to plan out the party/wedding from lining or decorating the interior to planning the furniture layouts and other accociated choices.

At DIY marquees we try to make this as easy as possible for you, we're not just here to sell marquees (we're very fortunate in that they basically sell themselves) we try to offer advice and help wherever possible:

Our party tents marquees planner tool means you can lay out your garden and plan what size marquee you require. It gives an idea of the numbers you can fit into each size marquee but it's completely customiseable and very easy to use (just drag things across in to place).

Nervous about putting up a marquee yourself? Don't worry, we realise it can be a little intimidating, we're made it as easy as possible. When designing the marquees we have kept in mind they're to be erected by amateurs (who'll be experts after they've put it up only once or twice!) so made sure the framework is as simple as possible. We also supply step by step instructions with photographs at each stage and a video of one being erected. You can also take peace of mind in that we don't abandon you with the marquee - if you have any problems at all we're available for advice Mon-Fri 9-5 or evenings and weekends by email for the life of the marquee.

About Us

Party Tents UK and DIY Marquees is part of C & D King Ltd, a family-run company started in 1977 and a limited company since 1983. We specialise in marquees and accessories and as ex-hirers we are always willing to offer advice and help to anyone setting up a marquee or a marquee hire business, we speak from many many years experience in the industry.
All marquee linings are made by us here in the UK and we only use flame retardant material.
If we cannot supply any accessory you are after then chances are we can point you in the direction of someone in the industry who can.


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